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BS Stainless, our large-scale, major international parent company created the Bandfix family of products which, a registered trademark and with the officially trusted CE Mark, is designed to suit a range of applications with consistent quality. Fixing signs is a major use of the Bandfix system thanks to its versatility, durability and cost effectiveness. For these reasons, Bandfix continues to increase in scope and popularity and the whole system is available to purchase from BS Fixings for jobs that are a little smaller in scale than building LNG plants in the Arctic Circle, just one of the projects currently being supplied by BS Stainless.

Bandfix® - Stainless Steel SafeEdge BandingBandfix® - Giant Banding ToolBandfix® - Stainless Steel Clips

Stainless steel banding, as part of the Bandfix system, is supplied by us according to all relevant quality and safety guidelines. We offer a wide range of standard widths from stock and can also quickly create bespoke sizes to order. The banding is supplied tightly and securely wound and, with innovative safe-edge technology, is among the most secure available on the market today. Quick, reliable and easy installation is a further factor contributing to the user-friendliness of the Bandfix system.

The stainless steel banding that forms the core of the Bandfix system is used in close conjunction with buckles and clamps, secured with a dedicated banding tool. All of the accessories supplied with our stainless steel banding offer professional results every time when fixing all types of sign and, with the cooperation of several state-of-the-art educational facilities, are in constant development for optimisation by BS Stainless designers and engineers.

The Bandfix Universal Clamp, which offers strong and lasting corrosion resistance, comprises a saddle and channel. It has a unique dual design that provides incredible holding strength to the affixed sign. All standard banding sizes are accepted by the clamp, guaranteeing the perfect tightness every time thanks to the close contact between channel and saddle. Versatile and adaptive, the Bandfix Universal Clamp is perfect for areas of an irregular size or shape.

Using a tensioned grub-screw, buckles secure the banding quickly and effectively. Standard screw buckles are formed from tough, durable 304-grade stainless steel, guaranteeing resistance to corrosion and tightly holding even heavy signs throughout all weathers. Quick and simple to use, the buckles are perfect for both temporary and permanent applications and can be used in small, awkward areas.

Please enjoy browsing our Bandfix products which are guaranteed, as are all of our products, to be of professional quality in every respect.

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