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Bluebird Fixings — Now with 10% Discount!

Since we teamed up with Bluebird Fixings in order to widen our product range for the benefit of our customers, we have enjoyed building what has become an extremely successful working relationship with the skilled manufacturer. Until 28th December, you can save 10% across the entire Bluebird Fixings range with our compliments - check out the collection below!

The Screwtie®

From obscurity to industry-standard, this product has enjoyed an ever-upward trajectory of popularity thanks to its strength, versatility and reliability. For unmatched lateral stability when connecting new structure to old, choose The Screwtie® from Bluebird Fixings every time.

Cavity Screw Ties

Designed for properties with cavity walls, these durable stainless steel ties will resist corrosion strongly. All necessary clips and plugs are supplied with this product.

Rise and Fall Brackets

Allowing you to create a gradual yet continuous downward slope to your guttering, these galvanised steel brackets deliver a secure way to help keep water flowing away from your property and prevent it from building up to splash out onto walls, causing damage.

Gutter Guard

Blocked gutters lead to all sorts of problems including penetrating damp which, during the colder months, leads to an extremely-damaging freeze/thaw cycle within masonry, causing it to stain, spall and crack. Keep the water flowing flowing with this convenient, easily-installed item that fits any size of gutter.

Wire Balloons

The cold weather sends us all diving for comfort - and we aren’t the only ones! Birds getting into chimneys can end up causing serious issues, including dangerous fires and the buildup of toxic fumes. Installing a wire balloon, which takes just minutes and requires a very small initial outlay, could end up saving you not just a considerable amount of money but also your life.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing the selection of Bluebird Fixings available from our website now!

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