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Our Bandfix family of stainless steel banding products would not be complete without buckles, which strongly and reliably hold the entire system securely in place. Particularly suited to fastening multiple strands of banding together, our stainless steel buckles provide the necessary power and physical strength to deliver the most durable fastening solution.

As well as being the fastener of choice when it comes to securing multiple strips of stainless steel banding, our buckles are also suited to a variety of other versatile heavy-duty uses such as cable ties and sign fixing. A totally stainless steel construction has been designed to withstand the tough, highly-corrosive conditions found in marine environments, oil refineries, chemical plants and power generation facilities, meaning that you can be sure our buckles will deliver reliable, consistent and professional results whatever application they are used for.

Stainless Steel Banding BucklesThere are three choices of metal grade in our selection of stainless steel buckles, ensuring you can always select the right component for the job at hand. The available grades are:

  • 201 Grade: ideal for normal environmental conditions and so often used for sign banding and fixing. This is the most cost-effective grade and also the strongest, making it incredibly popular
  • 304 Grade: though not as strong as grade 201, this metal offers a higher resistance to corrosion and is commonly used in place of grade 201 when chemical or other hazards are a potential problem
  • 316 Grade:  with the highest resistance to corrosion, this grade of stainless steel buckle is used for the most demanding corrosive environments

Our stainless steel buckles are now available in five different sizes and are sold in convenient packages of 100 buckles. With prices starting from just £7.99, you can afford to purchase the very best from BS Fixings, complete with our standard guarantee of 100% satisfaction.  For more details, check out the product page for your chosen grade of stainless steel buckle now! 

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