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Christmas All Clamped Up!

Extremely popular and enjoying regular specification across a wide range of industries and applications, the Tamtorque stainless steel banding and sign fixing system delivers consistently professional results. Developed, engineered and produced by JCS Hi-Torque Ltd, the Tamtorque system is designed for simplicity, rapidity and security, offering you a world-class stainless steel banding solution that is guaranteed to excel. These are supplied at an extremely competitive price from us here at BS Fixings.

The banding used in the Tamtorque sign fixings system is extremely safe to use, thanks to its totally deburred edges. Tough, durable and strongly resistant to all forms of corrosion, the banding is backed up by a host of fixing accessories, including the revolutionary Tamtorque fixing tool.

Tamtorque is unique among sign fixing solutions and a glance at the fixing tool quickly reveals the reason why. This recessed socket bit, which has an innovative seven-sided shape, is the only tool that will allow stainless steel banding to be adjusted or removed once installed, offering superior resistance to any form of tampering. As the banding can be reused time and time again, it makes the system extremely cost-effective as well as en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly-friendly.

Installing Tamtorque stainless steel banding is easily achieved in just a few steps, each of which is revealed in our online video and listed here for your convenience.

  • Open – The tightly-wrapped coil can be safely opened by hand with no risk of injury from unsafe, burred edges
  • Thread – Pass the banding through the object’s (such as a sign) slot
  • Position – Correctly locate the banding around posts of any shape
  • Engage – Use the Tamtorque fixing tool to quickly screw banding through, with drill driver if desired
  • Move – Bring the tongue of the stainless steel buckle to bring clamp into the correct position
  • Finish – Use the Tamtorque T-Bar screwdriver to complete the job successfully and professionally

All elements of this innovative sign banding system are available now from BS Fixings – please enjoy browsing these and the rest of our range of quality stainless steel fixings. Don't forget that we will be closing for Xmas on the 23rd Dec and reopening on the 3rd of Jan. Orders received after 3pm on 22nd December won't arrive until 4th Jan so order before this in time for Xmas. See you in the New Year!

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