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Don't Sit On The Fence – You Haven't Built It Yet!

En Garde! Parry...and Touché! Oh, not that kind of fencing. Ah, ok I am with it now! Fencing around your garden, outdoor space or in the workplace. There are loads of reasons to get it done, not least that it is good weather right now, and if you’re going to do a good job then you need good materials. Guess who’s got those?!

In fact, we have got a literal shedload of stuff you’re going to need in the garden while the weather holds out so keep your eyes peeled for more articles coming soon about lots of special summer offers to make your project even more profitable and rewarding. A great place to start if you’re thinking of getting out in the garden and neatening it up a bit is with fencing - it sets your boundary and gives you a nice enclosed feeling to work in. Think you can live without fencing? Think again. You need it for these reasons:

  • Privacy – there are more and more people on the planet and that means we are cramming in even more tightly together. A decent fence gives you that little bit extra space, something that comes ever more at a premium, and lets you have an area that feels both outdoors and in at the same time

  • Noise Reduction – perhaps the future holds a soundproof fencing material (if it does, you can be sure we will invent it!) but until then we are going to have to make do with what we have. Noise from next door will at least be baffled by good fencing panels and if the brackets are strong then you won’t get any creaking

  • Weather Protection – the wind roars across the barren landscape, eroding rocks and blasting away topsoil forever. Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic around your rockery and patio but, on a smaller scale, the effects are exactly the same. Also, wind carries trails of litter right across your lawn; you’ll be surprised at how much a fence keeps out. “But it’s summer”, we hear you cry. Well you don’t want to be putting a fence up in winter do you!?

  • Kerb Appeal – whether your house is on the market or not, you want it to look good from the outside. Decent fencing held in place with decent brackets give a home that ‘finished’ look that it deserves for having to wait so long for you to put a fence up!

You’ve got the panels, we’ve got the brackets - let’s make lots of fences. Ours are from Bluebird Fixings so absolute professional quality is a given and they are packed in handy BS Fixings’-sized packets of four for your fencing convenience.

Can I write about fencing now? No? Spoilsports!

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