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Get to Grips with your Gutters

Looking after the gutters of a property is extremely important and it is something that many of us overlook - after all, who wants to be climbing up ladders and grabbing handfuls of wet leaves and other debris? The fact is that damaged gutters can be responsible for a lot of serious structural issues that could end up costing you a packet. So how can you have the best of both worlds – clean gutters without having to clean them? It is possible with BS Fixings…

The gutter is one of man’s earliest creations, dating back thousands of years. Though materials and fabrication techniques have of course improved dramatically in the intervening period, the basic idea has changed little - a curved and slightly downward-angled continuous piece of material forms a channel for water to drain away through. The warm weather is a great time to get it done, ready for when the rain comes back. Unless of course, you like standing at the tops of ladders as the heavens open...?

So, what are the problems that can be caused by blocked gutters?

  • Pools of water that form in blocked gutters make attractive living quarters for all sorts of things that you really don’t want to be sharing your property with. Bacteria of many types will actively thrive in the dirty water, organic material such as leaves will rot, moss and lichens will abound, insects will be attracted to the stagnant lake, vermin that eat insects will follow - pretty soon you can have an entire safari park happening on your roof!

  • Eventually, the gutter will be able to take no more and the filthy water will begin sloshing over the edge. From here, it may drop onto unwary people walking beneath or may simply just run down the brickwork, soaking in as it does and setting the scene for a bad case of penetrating damp. If the gutter is not secure, the weight of the water buildup could cause it to completely detach, posing a serious danger to anybody who happens to be below it at the time

  • In some cases, the pooled water spills over the other way, back inside the house. Leaks into your attic or upper floor of the house will quickly discolour ceilings and damage woodwork - if you miss these signs, then the smell is sure to alert you

Keeping your gutters free of debris is the way to prevent any of this happening and you can do this easily with Bluebird Fixings’ Gutter Guard, available right now on the BS Fixings website. Sold in packs of 10, the guard is designed to fit ordinary 4” gutters and each piece measures 1.2m in length. The 1/2” square mesh will keep debris out and water flowing, ensuring that your property doesn’t become the latest in a long list to suffer from the attendant problems caused.

Check out our high quality zoomable photos of this revolutionary product here.

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