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If your Doors could Talk..

Have a quick look at the doors in your home and workplace, paying particular attention to the areas where the door is pushed (or kicked!) open and closed. Chances are you will notice some wear-and-tear there. What is the best way to avoid it and to give those doors a longer life? Bs Fixings have the answer as usual!

Doors can be subject to some pretty heavy treatment, especially those that are frequently used. The combined pressure of many pushing hands and kicking feet leaves dirt and marks and can wear away coatings while damaging the door’s aesthetic appeal. Door plates, for both hand and foot level, are the perfect solution, providing adequate protection while maintaining an attractive, professional appearance. There are lots of benefits to choosing door plates from BS Fixings...Stainless-Steel-Kick-Plates

Made in the UK – BS Fixings are proud to support British manufacturing

Sized to fit any standard door – kick plates are 838mm x 150mm and push plates are 250mm x 75mm

We can also manufacture other sizes based on request however, there would be minimum order quantites.

Thickness of 1.2mm – the plate, once installed, barely protrudes from the door to give a sleek and elegant visual line

Fabricated from grade 430 stainless steel – the perfect combination of form and function providing protection from wear and tear

Easily Attached – Simply fix to the door using the stainless steel screws provided and the plates offer immediate protection

Low Maintenance – Our door plates are easy to clean and extremely resistant to corrosion; check the screws are tight now and again, wipe with a cloth and you’re done!

Manufactured by experts with many years’ experience in the stainless steel industry, ensuring 100% quality every Push Platetime

Protect internal doors from feet and hands by installing BS Fixings’ Door Plates. As with all of the products on our website, professional quality comes as standard and our customer service team are always available to offer clear and competent advice and support.

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