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Is it a Car? Is it a Phone? No, it's an Abacus.

As we at BS Fixings are so used to dealing with stainless steel in its industrial forms such as stainless steel banding, wall ties and nails, it is always exciting to see the metal proving its versatile qualities in more unexpected ways.

In our search for ever-more interesting ways in which stainless steel is used, we discovered two very different examples...

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Lamborghini Smartphone

Created by designer Tonino Lamborghini, son of the famous car designer, this smartphone is lovingly crafted from leather and stainless steel and carries a hefty price-tag of USD$6,000. So what do you get for your money? A 20MP camera, five colour choices of leather, a black, steel or silver finish to the ubiquitous metal, global roaming and HD display.

Not sure that we are convinced enough to spend $6,000 but the company has said it ‘may be unable to meet demand’! According to Chief Exec at Lamborghini Mobile, Bob Hafeti, "luxury is not a need, but it is a way to stand out."

Ray King’s Abacus

A beautiful, imposing work of art, Abacus is a sculpture comprising 672 lightweight stainless steel spheres polished to a mirror finish. Located in Austin Hall at the Oregon State University, the sculpture represents 24 significant dates in the establishment’s history, each of which corresponds to four vertical rows of seven spheres each.

When read as an abacus using the sculpture’s integral horizontal reckoning bars, the sculpture reveals and represents the significant dates while the spheres’ reflective stainless steel surfaces ‘mirror the changing environment’, according to the artist.

Once again, stainless steel has proved its incredible versatility, equally and admirably fulfilling two very different requirements.­Whether used for building bridges or manufacturing spoons, for stainless steel sign fixings or modern art, this essential metal has revolutionised the way we live our lives.

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