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We are constantly making choices. The brain works non-stop throughout our lifetimes, taking in new information and comparing it with past experience to form the world as we see it. Many of these ‘choices’ we are not in control of (when our heart beats & how fast our hair grows, for instance) but, when it comes to sourcing the right product to complete a professional job, we are fully in the driving seat. At BS Fixings, we believe in maximising the range of quality fastenings available to our diverse blend of discerning customers and this leads us to collaborate with a small and carefully-selected group of trusted suppliers.

Our current suppliers include JCS Hi-Torque, Bluebird Fixings and our parent company BS Stainless - we are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with international Joining & Assembly Technology business group Goebel, a venture that will bring a host of new products to your fingertips at the most competitive market price.

Goebel was established in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1979 by Brigitte Goebel and Klaus Arens as a wholesale business dealing in various element-joining components and the attendant processing systems. Quickly gaining a reputation for combining high-quality goods with impeccable customer service, the company grew at an exponential rate, expanding its influence across the globe along with its range of products and services. A family-run enterprise to this day, Goebel are recognised specialist developers of innovative fixing and fastening solutions.

Goebel by Numbers

  • 13m yearly sales (figure from 2014)

  • 67 dedicated employees in various worldwide locations

  • Over 2,000 customers, a number that is constantly growing and will be further buoyed by our partnership

  • At least 10,000 stored articles

  • 13,500 square metres of business premises with storage capacity for more than 4,500 pallets

We will be introducing new products from the company over the coming weeks, with special feature articles, introductory offers and essential information about each quality item. The first category of products to hit our cyber-shelves is Goebel Rivets, which come in an astonishing array of types, shapes and sizes so that you can be sure of finding the one that is absolutely ideal for your project.

The collection of rivets from Goebel includes blind and high-strength models, each further sub-categorised to an extraordinary level of detail. From cup-sealed to claw-blind, standard to star-peel and rilli-grooved to rainbow-coloured, every rivet you will ever need is here along with nuts and lockbolts in abundance.

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