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Along with our new, innovative products, we continue to supply tried-and-trusted favourites. These can be found in the convenient ‘Best Sellers’ section of our contemporary stainless steel fixings website.

Take a look at this section to find a quality range of professional fixings including:

Stainless Steel Woodscrews

Available in a range of sizes, our stainless steel screws are perfect for working in any timber medium, be it hardwood, chipboard, MDF or softwood. The pozidrive screws are conveniently packed in bundles of 200, each featuring the self-centering technology that has made pozidrive the system of choice all over the world. Tough and durable, this product is designed to last, even under the stress of repeated torque actions.

Stainless Steel Tying Wire

This product, also known as stainless steel lacing wire, is incredibly versatile. BS Fixings specialise in the provision of stainless steel tying wire and can offer a selection of sizes and metal grades to suit your intended purpose. For applications where corrosion is a consideration, such as the marine environment, we recommend grade 316 as opposed to grade 304.

Stainless Steel Nails

Of industry standard, these nails are mainly used in the construction of timber-frame structures and are of standard size (50mm x 3.35mm) and grade (304 A2). The annular ring shank nails can be arranged for next-day delivery and are sold in 1, 5, and 10kg bags. Of a highly-professional standard, these nails won’t let you down.

Please enjoy browsing the rest of our ‘Best Sellers’ section, where you will find wire balloons, threaded bars and Tetrosyl Graffiti Remover.

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