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Stainless Steel Rivets from BS Fixings

BS Fixings are able to immediately supply a comprehensive collection of these essential stainless steel fasteners from stock, delivering a reliable, secure and cost-effective professional solution that is guaranteed to meet your unique requirements.

We utilise a global sourcing network to ensure that all of our stainless steel rivets are of impeccable, unrivalled and exceptional quality. Only manufacturers and suppliers who meet the exceedingly-stringent standards set out by us are chosen, each after only the most detailed analysis of those manufacturers and suppliers is carried out. Analysis continues throughout our dealings with the company to ensure consistency of quality is always maintained so we can ensure that our riveting solutions are the very best available on the market today.

Dome Head Blind Rivets

The standard, most popular choice, dome head blind rivets (also known as pop rivets) enable the fastening of materials from only one side, hence the term ‘blind riveting’. Each stainless steel rivet is composed of two parts - the mandrel and body (also referred to as the stem and shell, respectively) - which work in conjunction to provide a secure seal. As the rivet is set, the body of the rivet deforms to securely clamp and hold materials together.

BS Fixings can supply rivets with a stainless steel body and steel mandrel or formed completely from stainless steel, each with a generous grip range of between 6mm and 15mm. We use Grade A2 (304) stainless steel to fabricate our dome head blind rivets and a full range of sizes - from 3.2mm to 4mm - is now available for immediate despatch from BS Fixings in convenient boxes of 100 stainless steel rivets.

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