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Wall Ties - Fast, Reliable, Professional

The wall ties can be supplied as galvanised or stainless steel and are now available from our ‘New In’ section.

Galvanised or stainless steel wall starter ties from Bluebird Fixings are manufactured according to strict British Standards and are supplied with the necessary wall plugs to be installed using an ordinary 8mm masonry drill. Widely recognised as the fastest wall tie system available on the market, the kit provides exceptional lateral stability when used on brick, stone or block interior or exterior walls.

No waste or jointing ensures both environmental protection and cost-effectiveness, while a compact size means ease of storage and transportation. The product also carries B.B.A approval for structures of up to 8m in height. Here are some handy tips to help you with installation:

  • Fit a robust damp-proof course (DPC) where this is applicable

  • Make sure that the walls do not have major structural defects such as cracking

  • At every course with block walls and at each third course with brick, drill pilot holes

  • Fully insert the plug with the stainless steel or galvanised steel wall screw tie before bending flat onto the new brickwork

  • Continue laying blocks, brick or stone in the normal manner

These exceptional galvanised and stainless steel wall ties are now available from BS Fixings in a convenient pack size of ten ties. Our signature low price is guaranteed and all orders over £50 exc. VAT. will automatically qualify for UK Mainland delivery absolutely free.

Also featuring in our ‘New In’ section currently are Bluebird's Cavity Screw Ties and Galvanised Hip Irons - check out the product pages for more details on these new items from BS Fixings. Subscribe to our newsletter for our latest product updates, special offers and more from our stainless steel fixings and fastenings company.

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