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Stop Poles Bending with Steel Banding!

Utility companies are constantly seeking out cost-effective answers to issues relating to the age of industry infrastructure, such as transmission and distribution facilities. Where possible, these companies look to repair-and-restoration techniques to provide the necessary economic, environmental and structural benefits.

One area of major importance to power companies is utility poles that, as they naturally age, decay or  become damaged, lose functionality and cease to meet legal requirements for health and safety. Strengthening and adding bending capacity to aged, decayed and/or heavily-loaded utility poles offer a safe, cost-effective solution and a commonly-used practice is steel truss reinforcement.

Steel reinforcement is a proven method of groundline strength rehabilitation. The fast, highly-effective and low-cost method of reliable restoration involves driving either a double- or single-steel truss (which is almost always galvanised to reduce its potential for corrosion in the outdoor environment) to a predefined depth in the ground - the truss is then tightly attached to the pole using stainless steel banding. This securement helps to redirect bending forces on the damaged pole, transferring them instead to the undamaged truss which can easily withstand the load (when properly orientated and of the correct size).

Handy Facts

  • High-strength steel truss systems are the method of choice for utility companies worldwide

  • The method offers the lowest possible cost option for reliable restoration

  • Standard trusses, when properly engineered, have the same strength equivalent as the original utility pole

  • Wind flow is generally perpendicular to the equipment and wires of a utility pole, creating a bending load that can cause damage over time - this force is usually strongest at the vulnerable groundline

  • Many utility poles still in service were never designed with today’s communication technology in mind and a growing number of attachments can create an unbearable load

  • It is possible to create extended steel trusses that increase carrying capacity, correcting any overload conditions and increasing the pole’s class designation threefold

  • Restoring, as opposed to replacing, utility poles helps the environment by reducing the demand for timber and also the amount of chemicals and petroleum products used in manufacture and transport

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