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Stainless steel is an incredibly versatile metal and has as many aesthetic qualities as it does functional. The metal is often used to create art and there are sculptures all over the world fabricated from it. As well as forming the sculpture, stainless steel is also used to make the fixings - nails, screws and nuts & bolts - that hold everything together for us to enjoy. Welcome the first in a two-part post looking at some of the most famous stainless steel sculptures.

Stainless steel

Man of Steel

The 30m-high piece will celebrates the discovery of stainless steel 100 years ago and is a good likeness of Harry Brearley, who perfected the creation of the metal from which the sculpture is made. Around 100,000 vehicles will pass by the imposing structure every day on the busy M1.


A stunning 43m in height and weighing in excess of 300,000kg, the iconic Unisphere is located in New York. A model of the Earth with three orbiting rings to represent the first three space exploration missions, the Unisphere is made from 304L stainless steel.

Sky Mirror

This sculpture shows just how reflective stainless steel can become when highly-polished. Sky Mirror is just as its name suggests - a concave mirror angled upwards that changes its aspect minute by minute as the sun moves across the sky. Six metres wide and forged in Finland, the sculpture in Nottingham uses UK-sourced stainless steel and was expertly finished in Wellingborough.

Gateway Arch

Over 190m tall, this exquisite piece of architecture is the highest man-made monument in the US and the tallest stainless steel construction in the world. 804 tonnes of stainless steel - the most ever used in a single project - form this highlight of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

The very same stainless steel nuts & bolts, banding, screws and nails that surround us daily are used in abundance in the creation of these iconic structures and BS Fixings have proudly supplied material to artists in the past. Whether you are building a fence or a bridge, an oil rig or garden decking, choosing fixings of superior quality is essential. Choose the best - Choose BS Fixings.

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