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The BS Fixings Bestseller List — 2015 Special Edition

What’s at the top of your list for 2016? The New Year always seems to bring lists with it - resolutions, long-neglected jobs to complete, the top 10s, top 20s and top 100s of stage and screen from the past year. Our own top-of-the-pops list is available all year round - the ‘Best seller stainless products’ section of our responsive modern website gives you a quick and illuminating insight into which of our extensive products are currently hot property. All the results have been tallied and the products currently in the ‘Best Sellers’ section represent our most popular products throughout 2015 - which do you think made the grade?

As well as allowing our customers to gain immediate access to their favourite products from BS Fixings, the ‘Best Sellers’ section of the site is used in pinpointing changing trends in the trade. Over time, patterns and rhythms in these trends begin to emerge, thus allowing us to accurately predict surges in requirements and ensure our stock levels are adjusted accordingly. We guarantee to always be able to provide you with the quality products you require in the very shortest space of time possible.

Your favourite products in 2015 were:

That's not all, there are two more products in the bestselling section, so feel free to browse!

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