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The Nuts and Bolts of It

One of the most commonly used elements in construction and machine design is the bolt. Holding a huge variety of things together, from electric toothbrushes to concrete foundation pillars, the humble bolt is something that we really couldn’t live without. It’s probably for this reason that we invented it more than 2000 years ago in 400 BC.

It was the Romans who began to develop the first screw, with threads being filed by hand or, later on, by wire wound around rods and soldered. At the same time they were also using the bolt  which started without its threads and way before its most common companion, the nut. Unthreaded bolts were used in Roman times to bar doors and as pivots to open and close them but it was not for many years that the idea of the bolt and the screw became combined and nuts and bolts as we know them came about.

The first machine for making bolts and screws came along in 1568 and was improved by Hindley of York, becoming widely used. Nuts began appearing from the USA, the requirements of mass production forced further improvements and eventually all became so chaotic that by 1841, Joseph Whitworth suggested standardising screw threads and nuts at 55 degrees, so that products from different manufacturers could work together.

As the industry became more sophisticated and driven by two world wars, nuts and bolts cemented their position as essential parts of many systems and developments in nickel-based alloys such as stainless steel made them more accessible and more affordable. Today, the requirements of many structures and machines require particularly high tolerances of temperature and against corrosion, meaning that stainless steel has had a huge role to play.

Here at BS Fixings, we have got the right nuts and bolts for YOUR project and the components we supply have every year of our experience squeezed into them. As the foundation that is going to hold it all together, it is essential to choose the very best nuts and bolts and that’s what you’re going to find in our selection.

As well as the products, we supply the advice that goes along with them. Not sure exactly what product is best? Need tips on correct usage? Our technical team is waiting to help so contact us today!

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