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This one tip could save you thousands of £££s...

Was that… sunshine? Every time a ray breaks through the clouds, someone at the BS Fixings office is rushing over to the window to enjoy it, causing more than a few stampedes! They can hardly be blamed after such a long, cold and wet winter. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news but lots of rain is predicted for March - we can’t stop the rain but what we CAN stop is all of the following problems…

Rain needs to be directed away from buildings and this is usually achieved through a combination of gutters, drains and sewers. Just as you would not let a drain or sewer become blocked, you must not let a gutter become blocked either as this is just as important a part of the system. Blocked gutters gather liquid which overflows to then run down the building and produce puddles on the ground beneath, often causing:

  • Mould and Moss - rainwater is loaded with microorganisms and so are the leaves and twigs that commonly block gutters. This combination creates an ideal environment for the fast growth of moss, algae and mould - these are also often present on the floor beneath a gutter that has overflowed where the water has soaked into the masonry.

  • Leaks and Water Damage - water can find it's way through gaps between shingles and the roof itself, causing all kinds of damage from rotting woodwork to crumbling masonry. Any that freezes will widen the gap, making the problem worse.

  • Basement Flooding - blocked gutters are among the most common cause of flooded basements and thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused when the basement area has been converted to living space.

  • Collapsed Soffits and Fascias - standing water is heavy and the weight of it is something that soffits and fascias were never designed to carry. The result? Malfunction and subsequent collapse

  • Pests and Creepy-Crawlies - pools of standing water can attract flies, rats and other nasties. Don't put up a ‘WELCOME’ sign for vermin!

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