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Tying wire, Sculpting wire, Lock wire - The usages

Here at BS Fixings we provide tying wire perfect for many applications. As well insulation, fencing, garden work and sculpting our tying wire can also be used in motorsports! Why? you may ask, read on and your questions will be answered...

We offer stainless steel tying wire in grade 304 and grade 316. Grade 304 is the most popular grade of stainless steel as it is an ideal grade for everyday applications, easy to form and long lasting. Grade 316 tying wire is great for outdoor usage due to its corrosive resistant cha­rac­te­ris­tics. We also supply galvanised tying wire which is a cheaper option and is useful for when the extra corrosion resistance isn’t needed.

Some people may refer to tying wire as lock wire. This is most common in the motorsport industry as it is used to hold fasteners in place. The wire secures the fasteners in place after being twisted accurately using special pliers so that it is moulded appropriately and safely. Fasteners are needed continuously in motorsport to construct the vehicles and can easily become loose due to vibration and other forces. Lock wire can be shaped very easily in that it is soft and malleable therefore can be moulded using just human hands. However, for a more effective outcome, pliers may be used.

Wire sculpting is a popular hobby and the sculpting wire from BS helps make the task of sculpting, even easier. Our wire is durable therefore can be bent, twisted and tied which is the essential thing in that it can be moulded easily, just using your hands! Wire sculpting is a very good market for us in that we offer different grades and sizes of tying wire and it is all to a high quality.

Check out our tying wire HERE with our range of grades, sizes and weights. Also, follow us on Twitter for possible discounts off our wire products!

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