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What Makes These Screws So SUPER?

The process of combining stainless steel sheets using the traditional method involves first drilling using the appropriate stub bit before installing the correct size of screw (usually steel or zinc-plated as extra strength is required to create the tap). The screw is then removed to allow a stainless steel screw to be inserted in its place, leading to potential problems – we offer a simple, effective solution to the problem in the form of Stainless Steel Super Screws.

Stainless Steel Super Screws

The method described above is used not only because a strong screw is necessary to create the tap but because using stainless steel screws of grades 304 & 316 can lead to thread damage during installation, withdrawal and reinsertion (as the materials are of a similar strength.

Problems caused by using the traditional method include screw-heads snapping dangerously off and hidden corrosion; this can take hold due to minute traces of steel left behind from the pilot screw. Withdrawing and reinserting screws leaves the threads open to wear & tear damage and the entire process is laborious and time-consuming, adding to cost.

We proudly supply Stainless Steel Super Screws, designed to make light work of applications where the two-screw method would otherwise be used. Features & benefits include:

  • Choice of grades to suit any application – as well as 316/A4 and 304/A2, we also provide immediate access to Duplex 318L / UNS s31803 Super Screws, designed to withstand the intense rigours of exposure to highly-corrosive salt water.

  • Super Screws are a full three times harder than their traditional counterparts – standard stainless steel self-tapping screws. This means that no other screw is necessary - the heavy-duty Super Screw is all you need to save time and money

  • No risk of contamination – all components stay free of any hidden corrosion.

  • No risk of damage – Super Screws can be removed and reinserted without worrying about the threads getting worn or the heads breaking.

  • All Super Screws can be quickly supplied by us with matching EPDM or polyamide washers as required.

  • Cut installation time down by up to half.

  • Reduce waste and lower your environmental impact.

Check out super screws and give us a call to find out more about how the innovative product can be used to improve the quality and success of a multitude of applications. You would have to have a super screw loose to miss out!

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