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You've Got to Guard A Gutter or Two!

It’s a typical British summer – warm then wet then a bit more wet for good measure! While we try to enjoy what we can, there are lots of animals, plants and other living things that LOVE the combination of heat and humidity. We’re sorry to tell you but lots of these things aren’t really the type of guests you want in your house or garden and there is one place they really like to stay - in blocked gutters. When did you last check yours?

As has become the norm, a few days of hot sunshine is followed by sudden, heavy rainfall; some areas of the country have even experienced flooding while others bask in Mediterranean temperatures just tens of miles away. Gutters are having to deal with a lot and, as out of sight as they are, they are often out of mind until they make themselves noticed in a dramatic, damaging manner. Among other issues, neglecting to clear out and protect gutters can cause:

  • Moss, Mould and Algae - the rain is full of living things too small for the eye to see; that is, until they multiply. They do this fast and become an almost-immediate eyesore, as well as providing the starting link in a food chain of worse and worse pests

  • Leaks - water seems to have a way of finding every crack as it continuously seeks the lowest point it can reach. Any that gets inside is likely to rot woodwork and make masonry start to crumble

  • Floods - the lowest point in many homes is their basement, which may or may not have been converted to living space. Either way, you don't want dirty, algae-loaded rainwater getting in there or you could be looking at a major repair bill

  • Collapse - fascias and soffits aren’t designed to hold the weight of standing water. Anyone who has ever struggled home with heavy shopping knows that most of the weight comes from liquid - water is HEAVY and might just be too heavy for your structure to deal with

Now here is the good news. You don’t have to deal with any of these problems - all you need is the Gutter Guard, a quick, cost-effective solution to all your gutter grumbles, engineered and manufactured by the experts at Bluebird Fixings. How does the system work? Currently, it works even more in your favour than usual with a tasty 15% discount - you only have a few days left to get your gutter guard with this attractive discount so what are you waiting for?

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