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Band It Up With Tamtorque

Getting handy and bandy with the Tamtorque stainless steel banding system may not be as easy as 1-2-3, but it IS as easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6!

Tamtorque stainless steel banding products are among the best available and are consistently specified for a vast range of applications from sign fixing to the securing of litter bins to posts. Delivering professional results with speed, safety and simplicity, the full Tamtorque system is manufactured by JCS Hi-Torque Ltd and is brought to you at the best possible price from BS Fixings.

Safe, deburred stainless steel banding is at the heart of the Tamtorque system, which is supported by a collection of fixing accessories such as the unique Tamtorque fixing tool. The system is extremely secure as it features a 7-sided, recessed socket bit which makes the banding, once in place, extremely resistant to tampering. Only Tamtorque tools will successfully allow the user to adjust or remove the banding which, extremely resistant to corrosion and so with a long service life, can then be used again to deliver the ultimate in cost-effectiveness.

Using the Tamtorque system is simple and you can find out more about how it works by watching the video, which visually explains the simple six-step Tamtorque process.

  • Open the banding coil by hand. No need for protective gloves thanks to the safe edging!

  • Thread the stainless steel banding through the slots of the sign or object to be secured

  • Position banding around the post - the system allows for even the most irregular shapes to be accommodated. Engage into screw housing and use the Tamtorque tool, with drill driver is rapidity of use is required, to screw the banding through

  • Move the tongue of the stainless steel buckle, bringing the clamp to its required position

  • Smooth the clamp by pushing the stainless steel banding through the buckle

  • Finish by tightening with the unique T-Bar Screwdriver by Tamtorque.

You can obtain all of the elements of the globally-successful Tamtorque stainless steel banding & sign fixing system from BS Fixings and, as with our entire product range, we guarantee complete satisfaction at the quality of both our stainless steel products and our customer service. Click HERE to start banding – who knows where it will end…?

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