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  1. Which paintbrush should I use?

    Which paintbrush should I use?

    In the past, like many households, deciding which paintbrush we should use for any particular job usually came down to what paintbrush was clean and easily accessible in the draw under the Kettle in the kitchen. But having worked at BS fixings for many years now, I now know there is far more to choosing the right paintbrush than which...
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  2. Which screw do I need?

    Which screw do I need?

    Now, if there was ever a question that seems so open ended to most people, it is probably “so, what type of screw do I need?”. We think the best way to answer this is to list the most popular screw types for you and give a short overview of where they can be used and the preferred applications. Below...
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  3. How to get scratches out of stainless steel

    How to get scratches out of stainless steel

    When we analyse google search analytics, we can see that one of the most frequently searched terms relating to stainless steel is how to fix or remove scratches from stainless steel. This is most likely to be people looking to remove scratches from household appliances such as stainless steel sinks or kitchen appliances, but the principles are the same wherever...
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  4. Aluminium or Stainless Steel; which is better?

    Aluminium or Stainless Steel; which is better?

    Whether to use aluminium or stainless steel is a common question we get asked when discussing product options with our customers. The simple answer is that if one was significantly better than the other, then all products would be made from either aluminium or stainless steel, but as is often the case, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, at...
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  5. How to remove graffiti

    How to remove graffiti

    Some people view graffiti as an art form, with some graffiti artist’s artwork in huge demand.  Think of Banksy. Banksy’s Game Changer raised over £16m for the NHS when it was eventually sold for £16,758,000 at Christie’s 20th Century Art Evening Sale in London in March 2021. The price started at £1.6 million but soon shot up over 15 minutes...
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  6. Top Tips for Removing Stripped Screws

    Top Tips for Removing Stripped Screws

    Screws are great! They are easy to use, easy to get out and you can use them again and again. However, we all know what happens if the head is damaged or you have used an inappropriate screwdriver and you cannot get them out – the screwdriver just turns and turns and the harder you try, the more you strip...
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  7. Product Focus – Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive

    Product Focus – Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive

    As well as feedback from our customers, reading the trade press, and visiting (when we can) trade shows, one other way we can get ahead of customer trends and interests is to analyse which sections of our website are being viewed, and how this compares to the same period last week, last month or last year. This really helps us...
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  8. Stainless steel tying and sculpting wire

    Stainless steel tying and sculpting wire

    Stainless steel tying and sculpting wire - the possibilities are endless! Our stainless steel tying wire is a traditional, industrial product used for applications such as fencing, cables, hangers, horticultural work, and general tying applications where a good quality durable, corrosion resistant wire is required. It is soft and malleable making it easy to twist, bend and tie which has...
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  9. Which Wall Ties should I use?

    Which Wall Ties should I use?

    There are many different wall ties on the market, all designed to do a slightly different job. There are also building regulations that can influence which ones you need, so choosing which one is best for your project can seem a little overwhelming at first. According to NHBC, wall ties of the correct type shall be installed where required and...
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