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    A2 Stainless Steel Domed Head Rivets by Goebel, 3.2 x 10mm, 3.2 x 12mm, 3.2 x 6mm, 3.2 x 8mm, 4.0 x 10mm, 4.0 x 8mm, 4.8 x 12mm, 4.8 x 16mm
    Goebel A2 Stainless Steel Domed Head Rivets
    Domed Head Blind Rivets AISI 304/AISI 304 Learn More
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    A4 Stainless Steel Domed Head Rivets by Goebel, 3.0 x 6mm, 3.2 x 10mm, 3.2 x 8mm, 4.0 x 10mm, 4.0 x 13mm, 5.0 x 12mm
    Goebel A4 Stainless Steel Domed Head Rivets
    Domed Head Blind Rivets AISI 316/AISI 316 Learn More
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    Goebel Aluminium/Steel Domed Head Rivets
    Goebel Aluminium/Steel Domed Head Rivets

    Domed Head Blind Rivets AL/ST. Aluminium Body. Steel Zinc Plated Mandrel. 

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    Steel Domed Head Rivet by Goebel, 3.2 x 10mm, 3.2 x 12mm, 3.2 x 6mm, 3.2 x 8mm, 4.0 x 10mm, 4.0 x 12mm, 4.0 x 8mm, 4.8 x 10mm
    Goebel Steel Domed Head Rivets

    Domed Head Blind Rivet. Steel zinc plated rivet body and steel zinc plated mandrel. Packed in various sizes depending on rivet size. 

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Additional Information

A rivet is a type of fastener which is used to join two plates together. These plates could be made from materials such as plastics, plywood and metal. Rivets now come in a variety of sizes, materials and styles. They can handle the most demanding environments and can join materials of varying thickness. A rivet gun may be used to secure a rivet into place. Even in the most demanding of environments, rivets from BS Fixings are guaranteed to offer consistent optimum performance, whatever they’re being used for.

Standard blind rivets can be used for components that are accessible on either one or two sides. For example, they may be used on containers/tanks, tubes, profiles, air ducts and many more. These rivets are great in that they are economical, secure, strong and versitile.

Multigrip blind rivets are perfect when dealing with things such as: air conditioning, construction vehicles, construction work, furniture and many more. They are made in sizes suitable for a drilled hole which ensures dust and splashproof connections. They are also ideal in that they have a high clamping capacity and includes a large closing head for big, noncircular holes or repair jobs. After use, the remainder of the mandrel is retained inside the rivet.

The Rainbow rivet is basically a coloured rivet. These are designed for applications such as window/frame construction, canopy tops, cladding panels, car body productions and more. They are unique in that they come in colours to match the riveted components. Almost every type of rivet listed here could be painted.

CUP rivets are also known as sealed blind rivets and are used during many applications such as car body productions, air-conditioning, shipbuilding, tank construction and many more. CUP rivets are airtight and both dust and waterproof. The captive mandrel means that the overall strength of the rivet is increased. This type of rivet is very suitable for automatic production. They consist of high pressure on the join end and good pressure on the face of the hole.

Grooved blind rivets (RILLI) are used often in the furniture industry as well as the wood and plastic industry. They can also be used for car body productions and completion of interior when panelling. Rilli rivets are used for riveting in blind/pocket holes and for soft metallic or nonmetallic materials.

Peel blind rivets, also known as STAR rivets, are especially useful for application such as the mounting of plastic or wooden elements, fixing of panels, construction of mobile homes and more. Fixing this rivet creates a closing head with a large diameter. They are especially suitable for connections with wood, hardboard, fibreglass, plasterboard or anything similar. Relatively soft or porous materials can be joined together with high tensile forces.

Any Goebel products in which are in the Goebel catalogue but not available on our site, can be sourced within seven days of your enquiry!

Here are our range of Goebel rivets in which are available with many different heads and sizes. These are boxed in 1000's or 500's.

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