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Wire Balloons

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  1. Galvanised Wire Balloon 11" (280mm), 2.5" (65mm), 3" (75mm), 4" (100mm), 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm)
    Galvanised Wire Balloon

    Galvanised Wire Balloon. Sold each or in packs on 5, depending on size. 

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Additional Information

Wire balloons from BS Fixings! Suitable for guttering, downpipes and chimneys, galvanised wire balloons from BS Fixings provide an excellent solution to a number of common issues. As these are made of wire it means that they can be bent and fit to suit specific gutter sizes. The two main uses of wire balloons are downspout/gutter guards and chimney guards. More detailed explanations of the uses of each are written below. The main benefits are:

  • Avoid birds creating nests in chimney.
  • Avoid leaves blocking gutters
  • Avoid time wasting, hard work and expensive repairs

All of our wire balloons are manufactured by Bluebird Fixings ltd. They are a UK manufacturer well known for their high quality.

Gutter Guard/ Downspout Guard

If downspouts and gutters are left unprotected then leaves can cause them to become blocked. Our smaller wire balloons are built to fit pipes and gutters and help prevent leaves clogging them up. A blocked pipe can lead to damage and expensive repairs. Unblocking pipes can be dangerous, takes up valuable time and is a lot of unnecessary effort. Leaves don’t just block pipes they also look unmanaged and scruffy. Wire balloons give guttering a more complete look and help them stay well kept for longer.

Chimney Guard/ Bird Guard

This can also be named balloon guard, chimney balloon, chimney cowl and bird cowl. Our larger wire balloons are manufactured to fit a range of different sized chimney pots. A size guide is given below and on each individual product page. Wire balloons are useful on chimneys to stop birds creating nests in them. Birds nesting in chimneys can cause them to become blocked. This not only causes expensive damages but it can be very detrimental to the health of whoever is living in the house. A blocked chimney means the smoke from the fire has nowhere to go causing carbon monoxide to come back into the house. Once a bird is nested in a roof a professional chimney sweep is generally needed to get rid of the nest. The most common bird to be found creating a nest is the Jackdaw bird. These are a special nuisance as they aren’t affected by the carbon monoxide like we are. This means they can stick around for long periods of time and even when their nest is removed they are likely to keep coming back.

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