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Reviews and Case Studies: Have Your Say

How do you choose products and services online? There are lots of factors that can influence our decisions, from price and availability to speed of delivery. One thing that we usually take into account is the reputation of the company providing the product. As the internet has become an ever-more integral part of our everyday lives, people have been able to share their experiences more directly with one-another, helping us all to make better choices.

Reviewing products is nothing new: magazines like 'Which?' have been doing it for years. The internet has allowed everyone to contribute to the discussion, meaning that a much wider set of opinions can be used to make a judgement on a product’s effectiveness.

Reviews, in short, help others to make good decisions about what product to buy. It is therefore in everyone’s best interests for all of us to leave reviews, working together to build up the clearest picture for one another.

When you buy any product from BS Fixings, we invite you to leave your review and help to build up a library of information that will benefit all. Our staff will also use these reviews to help improve our product range.

Case studies are also extremely useful to buyers. It is one thing to see and understand a product online but quite another to see and read about the product used in a real life situation. This can be a real help to buyers, adding a new level to their understanding of the product. Small businesses and contractors who offer their stories for use as case studies also receive recognition and valuable free advertising.

Why not submit your story to BS Fixings about your experiences using our products? You could become the feature story of a case study that reaches thousands of newsletter subscribers!

If you have bought a product from BS Fixings, then please leave a review and let everyone know about your experience. If you have a story that you think we could use as a case study, then get in touch with BS Fixings today and give us all the information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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