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The product range at BS Fixings is always expanding and the newest section of products available for you to buy online is “roofing”.

The roofing category currently has four products on offer. These include hip irons and rise & fall brackets. More details on each can be found below or on their individual product pages. Both of these products are made from galvanised steel. Galvanised steel is well known for its reliably good performance. It gives products a long lifespan and is very durable, making it an ideal choice for roofing products.  Both of these products are manufactured by Bluebird Fixings ltd meaning that you can be sure that they are products of the highest quality.

A product that we can also supply is gutter guard. This isn’t a standard product so can only be supplied with a longer lead time (approximately 3 days). Please follow the link to buy this product here.More information on this product can be found by following the link or in the description below.

Hip Irons

Hip irons made from hot dipped galvanised steel are used to stop the bottom tile on a roof from slipping away. This can occur due to bad weather conditions and/or cracks in the tiles. Many modern build houses don’t need hip irons as they are required to be built in a way where the bottom hip tile is mechanically fixed in place. This however hasn’t stopped building designers from including them in their plans. People like the use of hip irons on roofs as they give the roof a more completed look. They can also help the house look more traditional and are especially preferred by people who are designing or refurbishing Victorian style houses. They are a minimal cost solution to giving a house a more detailed finish.

Rise & Fall Brackets

These can also be referred to as gutter brackets, drive-in brackets and rise and fall gutter brackets. Made from galvanised steel there are two shapes of bracket available. The first and most common shape available to buy is the round gutter bracket. This is made to fit round U shaped gutters and a picture can be found on its product page. The second shape available to buy is the square gutter bracket. This is made to fit square shaped gutters. Square shaped gutters aren’t as popular in the UK housing market which is why there aren’t as many square shaped rise and fall brackets on the market. All of our brackets include the stakes at no extra cost.

Gutter Guard

Gutter guard from BS Fixings is made from ½” square mesh of galvanised steel. Gutter guard is designed to stop leaves falling from trees and blocking up gutters on households and commercial buildings. These are especially useful in the UK around autumn time. By installing gutter guards time and effort can be saved as there will no longer be a need to clear out gutters. Not only are these galvanised gutter guards practical, they also help houses look better kept. Gutters aren’t clogged with leaves that make the house look dirty; instead they have a clean guard that leave’s gutters looking finished and tidy.

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