In this week's BS Fixings news article, we introduced our brand new range of tapes. One item in the range is masking tape and, in this edition of our blog, we present five creative ways to use this simple yet essential product.

  1. Small pieces of masking tape make ideal temporary labels for all sorts of objects. Whether you stick these improvised labels to plugs, wires, lunchboxes, stationery or pretty much anything else, they will leave no residue behind when they are removed.
  2. If accuracy of depth is required when drilling, you can use a simple piece of masking tape in place of an expensive depth gauge. Measure the required depth on the drill bit and wrap masking tape around it at this point. Drill as normal and stop as soon as you get to the tape.
  3. Masking tape has plenty of uses in the garden as well as the home. Use it to prop up plant stalks and support trellises: the tape is so easy to remove that you don't need to worry about damaging fragile plants.
  4. Many paint cans have a groove around the top edge, which can lead to unnecessary mess and wastage. Covering the can's rim with masking tape will solve both of the issues at a stroke.
  5. A member of the BS Fixings team used masking tape for its intended purpose but in a highly creative and innovative way. Instead of standard masking, whereby the tape is used to create a clean division between one surface and another, our artistic team member used the tape to mask off an exciting and eyecatching geometric pattern of lines. One quick paint job later and the design was revealed in all its glory by peeling off the tape, once again leaving no residue. Our employee shared this image of the results and we think you'll agree that they are stunning!

Check out this week's BS Fixings news article to discover our complete collection of new tapes, which includes barrier tape, packing tape and duct tape.