Stainless steel has many physical qualities but is also an extremely aesthetic material. Here are four of the finest pieces of stainless steel art on the planet today...

Man of Steel

This imposing, 30m-high piece celebrates the discovery of stainless steel 100 years ago and is a good likeness of Harry Brearley, who perfected the creation of the metal from which the sculpture is made. Around 100,000 vehicles pass by the imposing structure every day on the busy M1.

Sky Mirror

This sculpture shows just how reflective stainless steel can become when highly-polished. Sky Mirror is just as its name suggests; a concave mirror angled upwards that changes its aspect minute by minute as the sun moves across the sky. Six metres wide and forged in Finland, the sculpture in Nottingham uses UK-sourced stainless steel and was expertly finished in Wellingborough.

Gateway Arch

Over 190m tall, this exquisite piece of architecture is the highest man-made monument in the US and the tallest stainless steel construction in the world. 804 tonnes of stainless steel (the most ever used in a single project) form this highlight of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

Wolf by Candice Bees

A recent article detailed the breathtaking beauty of a new piece of art commissioned by BS Fixings. Candice Bees has been using our sculpting wire for some time, carefully and painstakingly forming the metal to create eerily-lifelike (and life-sized!) animals. She was commissioned to create a wolf using stainless steel wire and the truly amazing result will be accompanying our representatives to the WIRE exhibition and conference in Dusseldorf later this month. Make sure you're following us on social media for updates!

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