The birds are back – new bird prevention coming soon!

We’ve just received a mystery package here in the marketing department at BS Fixings from one of our colleagues who look after our bird deterrent solutions. On closer examination, it contained samples of two brand new products they we will be launching this year via our website.

The first product in the pack was a product called the Thistle. This is a superb, all-plastic, low profile bird control spike that will stop small birds such as starlings and sparrows, from perching on all areas of your property. The pins are only 62 mm high which makes it virtually invisible from the ground. This new addition to the range has an impressive 80 pins per strip which fan out in 8 separate angles. The impenetrable pattern of pins not only deters small birds but also stops larger birds, like pigeons and seagulls from landing. This makes the product the ideal solution for all bird control problems. As with all Defender® Bird Spikes, The Thistle® is made in Devon in the UK.

The second product we received was the Solar Panel Bird Spike which prevents pigeons and other birds from gaining access under roof solar panels and solar water heating systems. This pigeon problem has plagued solar panel owners from the very start, as the panels provide pigeons and other birds with shelter and a high vantage point. The Defender® Bird Solar Panel Spike has been specifically designed to prevent pigeons from nesting under solar panels. The panel spikes purposely do not touch the actual panel, which means there is no chance of the Defender® Solar Panel Bird Spikes invalidating the panel's warranty.

We are hoping to get a stock of these two new bird prevention products in very soon and as soon as they arrive, we will be adding them to our Bird Prevention page on our website.