Cable ties are an incredibly useful and versatile invention. They are strong, long-lasting and cost-effective; and this is just the plastic type! You can now purchase cable ties made from stainless steel here at BS Fixings and these offer all the benefits of standard plastic ties but are much stronger and more durable.

Our cable ties are manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel, just like our many other products. They are especially suited to use where the temperature is particularly high and also offer strong resistance to fire. This is something that plastic ties are obviously not capable of providing.

Stainless steel cable ties from BS Fixings are available in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel as required. Each cable tie measures 200 x 4.6mm and has a maximum bundle diameter of 50mm. The tensile strength of the ties is a massive 46kg/105lbs so they are ideal for heavy duty tying applications.

Resistance to all types of damage is a key part of what makes these cable ties so successful. As with all stainless steel, resistance to corrosion is excellent, delivering a long service life without any issues. Corrosion can be caused by water but the ties are resistant to all sorts of weather; the problem can also come from salt and chemicals in spray but the ties have also been designed to resist these forms of attack. An antimagnetic quality is also particularly useful for certain applications.

When you’re looking for a solution, BS Fixings aim to provide it. Stainless steel cable ties are the newest product to be added to our range and we look forward to supplying them to our diverse range of customers. As with all of our products, professional quality is guaranteed and our team are always available to offer support and advice.

Please note that stainless steel cable ties from BS Fixings are currently only available on a 2 day lead time. Check out the product page for more details.