The BS Fixings range of wall ties has been a big hit ever since it was launched and so we are pleased and proud to announce that the collection has been extended with several new products. Here's the details...

Slotted Frame Cramp with Drip

Used to restrain masonry walls back to other structural elements (such as steel work or new/existing walls), thus preventing  any sideways movement of either, slotted frame cramps are available in either galvanised or stainless steel. The integral drip feature stops moisture from traversing the cavity while a slot-in upstand allows different types of fixings to be used.

Frame Cramp Wall Ties

Used for similar purposes as the above and made to a correspondingly similar specification, these lateral restraint ties are used in conjunction with dowels. A full range of sizes is available.

Heavy Duty Formed Safety Ties

Sold in boxes of 250 pieces, these stainless steel safety ties are designed to secure two leaves of a cavity wall together, while preventing moisture from travelling across the cavity and causing dampness to the interior of the property.

Wire Clasp Wall Ties

Wire clasp ties are made from quality stainless steel and are used for lateral restraint. The integral wire section of each component is flexible, allowing extra movement. These ties should be fixed at the side of stanchions.

Timber Frame Wall Ties

Designed to allow the masonry skin of a building (of up to four storeys) to be firmly secured to its inner timber frame, these specialist wall ties absorb a substantial amount of natural vertical movement, ensuring continued structural integrity. They are used in conjunction with stainless steel annular ring nails, which are supplied with each purchase.

For more information, please see the data sheets located on each product page on our website.