In this week's BS Fixings news article, we introduced a new range of construction chemicals from leading manufacturer Bond-It. The article focused on GP200 Multi-Purpose Silicone, one of the brand's most popular products thanks to its unrivalled versatility, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Here we look in more detail at how to use this bestselling silicone sealant.


  • Proper preparation is, as with any construction project, essential in order to avoid problems later on and to achieve a professional result. Start by ensuring that all surfaces to be treated are clean and dry, free from any dust, grease or other contaminants that may affect adhesion
  • If to be applied to movement joints, a suitable expanding foam, backing tape or rod should be used
  • When applying to cement, concrete or bare metal surfaces, ensure that proper priming is carried out first
  • A primer is also required when applying GP200 Multi-Purpose Silicone to timber: the timber surface should also be painted prior to application


  • Insert the cartridge into a quality sealant gun: there are two options available on the BS Fixings website
  • Cut the nozzle at an angle of 45°, ensuring that the resulting opening is slightly bigger than the joint you intend to seal
  • Apply the silicone sealant evenly to the joint
  • Tool using a plastic spatula that has been wet with soapy water
  • Leave to cure
  • Clean tools using white spirit and dispose of used cartridges responsibly, adhering strictly to local regulations


  • Do not use on surfaces where water can penetrate through porous materials to bond interface, unless the proper remedial work has first been completed
  • Do not use to fix mirrors
  • Do not use to seal natural marble
  • Do not use on asphalt or bitumen

For full details about Bond-It GP200 Multi-Purpose Silicone, check out the product page and accompanying data sheet.