The Department of Transportation in Chicago, USA, commissioned a study that showed an increase in crime during power outages, when entire buildings and streets would be in darkness. A rise in crime rates of 7% was noticed during such outages across the city and many streetlights and other electric facilities are now being given extra security using stainless steel banding.

The study was carefully conducted by an elite team of graduate students who were working together via the Data Science for Social Good fellowship programme. Crimes including assault, criminal damage, theft and drug use all increased during power outages, many of which were deliberately caused by vandals or potential criminals.

One of the students involved with the revealing project, Zach Seeskin, explained the method of the study: “We would look at the crime rate during the outage and then we would look at the crime rate in the exact same area but for periods just before and just after the outage occurred, so that way each area served as its own control and that made for a clean analysis".

Peter Scales, a spokesperson for the Chicago Department of Transport said:"The conclusions of the study confirmed the practice we already have in place, which prioritizes the repair of full blocks of downed lights over single outages".

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