We are now in the peak of Spring, and Summer is only around the corner which only means one thing, all the birds are out. As much as birds tweeting in the morning is a peaceful and relaxing sound, they can become a nuisance in your building or outside areas. Here at BS Fixings, we not only specialise in fixings and fasteners but also bird prevention.

We stock a wide range of bird prevention products, including bird repellent gel which is a fantastic deterrence solution. Our Bird Free® Gel discs are proven to protect your property from pigeons, seagulls, crows, and so on whilst making sure they are unharmed. It has become a popular choice amongst many due to its non-toxic properties, which are listed below.

How Does Bird Gel Work?

Bird repellent gel is an innovative product, created to deter birds away from roofs, windowsills, and outdoor furniture to name a few. Bird gel is also known as ‘fire gel’, as it is a product that utilises the fact that birds can only see ultra-violet light. The designs of the bird gel makes them appear as flames or balls of fire to birds, resulting in them steering clear of the area. Although visual deterrence is one of the main purposes of bird repellent gel, it is further reinforced by natural foods which are repugnant to a bird’s sense of smell.

This bird prevention method deters new birds away from your buildings, but also proves as an excellent method to remove nesting sites that you have been struggling with for a while.


Benefits of Bird Gel

  • Bird Free® Gel discs are non-toxic to birds, but also harmless to pets and people, making them a popular product.
  • Our bird gel discs are quick and easy to apply as they are supplied in ready-to-use dishes. To fix the discs to your surfaces, simply use our Fixing Silicone Adhesive, and they should stay in place.
  • They can be used indoors and outdoors, so whether you’re wanting to adhere them to a windowsill or hang them in a tree, they can be used pretty much anywhere.
  • Bird gel is extremely long-lasting, due to its firm texture. They can be installed on angles or even upside down, and the gel will not run. When installed correctly and undisturbed, the gel can be effective for at least 2 years.
  • As the bird gel dishes are small, they are incredibly low profile and can be used in many settings such as shops, offices, historical buildings, and more, without ruining the visual appearance of the building. Our Bird Free® Gel discs are available in a diameter of 65mm and height of 8mm, making them invisible from street level.
  • As they are fixed with an adhesive rather than having to be drilled in, our bird gel discs cause no damage to buildings.
  • Bird gel deters small and large populations of birds from congregating in your space, which results in a quieter and more hygienic environment.

Bird repellent gel has become more and more popular over the years, used on many recognised buildings such as King’s Cross Station (UK), Berlin Airport (Germany), Helsinki Railway Station (Finland), and Palazzo Venezia (Rome), and more. Bird Free® is widely used across the world and is a high-quality and effective product. If you are having problems with birds nesting or perching on your building, bird gel is a perfect solution.

Here at BS Fixings, we stock top-quality Bird Free® Gel discs, as well as bird prevention spikes that will help to keep the birds away. To view our bird prevention products, have a look through our home and garden products page on our website. Or, if you wish to find out more information, contact us today with any other enquiries you have, and our support team will be more than happy to help.