Everyone is looking forward to the festive period, when we all get chance to properly wind down and relax in the company of family and friends (not to mention a banquet of tasty foods and treats). Giving and receiving gifts helps even further to give us that festive feeling but, for those ‘last-minute’ types of people, this can often be the source of disappointment…

We here at BS Fixings are therefore giving the last-minute crew (you know who you are!) a good early warning so there will be no recriminations over the turkey and sprouts. You may have promised to get those niggling repairs done while you have some down time or you may be getting your hands on the ideal gift for the DIYer in your life; for whatever purpose you’re ordering quality products from BS Fixings, you want them to be there before the Big Day.

We hope to be able to get you to turn over a new leaf and stop being a last-minute person and, if we do, then we’d love to hear from you! Working with stainless steel so closely, however, has given us our totally practical nature and so we’re willing to meet you halfway so everyone’s happy.

So, here comes the deal and we think you will agree that there are only a handful of companies able to make it (Father Christmas himself can probably better it, but just you try getting in touch with him!)

BS Fixings will GUARANTEE your order is with you before the UK pretty much shuts down for Christmas. Our next-day service means that you can get your hands on your stuff on the 22nd December. BUT you have to meet us halfway too.

Actually, all we ask is that you get your full order in on our website the day before, which will be Thursday 21st December. In order to ensure we have time to process it and get it despatched, we ask that your orders are in before 3pm on that day.

Easy, right? If you miss the 3pm deadline on the 21st then we won’t have time to get the despatch sorted and your last-minute nature will mean you come a cropper. To be fair to those who DO make the deadline, there will be no exceptions to the rule. Anyway, you’ll never learn to be prepared if we mollycoddle you! Orders received post-deadline will be shelved for despatch until after the holidays and your products will be with you on 3rd January 2018.

We have a range of stainless steel products including wall ties and DIY home & roofing products. Why not place your order now - Yes, right now while you're here! It won’t take long and will be one less hassle to face at the last minute!