As outlined in this week's BS Fixings new article, preventing birds from landing on ledges, chimneys, aerials and more is easily achieved with the use of bird prevention spikes. Though extremely effective, these spikes are not suitable for every application as they may interfere with a structure's aesthetic appearance. An alternative solution comes in the form of Bird Free Gel Discs, the most recent product to be added to the BS Fixings extensive portfolio.

The company that manufactures Bird Free Gel Discs is internationally renowned, supplying markets throughout the EU as well as in Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Birds present a particular problem at transport hubs and the problem has been successfully addressed by Bird Free Gel Discs at locations worldwide including London Kings Cross, Manchester Victoria, Bristol Temple Meads, Helsinki Rail Station and Berlin Airport.

Bird Free Gel Discs are perfectly suited for use on older structures, which are particularly vulnerable to bird damage. The discs are supplied in compact, ready-to-place dishes that are designed to be unnoticeable from street level once installed, ensuring that the vital aesthetics of such structures are unaffected. Precious architectural structures such as Italy's La Chiesa dellaSpina and Palazza Venezia successfully utilise Bird Free Gel Discs, as do Glasgow's City Chambers and Salisbury's Cathedral here in the UK.

Attaching Bird Free Gel Discs is quickly and simply achieved with Fixing Silicone Adhesive, also available from the BS Fixings website. For a limited time, you can save a full 40% on the standard price of this versatile product in the BS Fixings Big Summer Sale.

For more information about Bird Free Gel Discs, please check the product page and do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team for further advice.