‘From little acorns grow giant oaks’. This old adage is particularly suited to BS Fixings and our development as a company, which has been particularly fast and beyond any expectations. From a little offshoot designed to facilitate purchasing small quantities for a few customers, BS Fixings has grown into a little empire all of its own, a fact that we are incredibly proud of. As we look back at our beginnings, we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of our success - our staff, web developers and, of course, our loyal customers.

Our parent company, the giant oak which grew a little acorn, was established way back in 1988, long before the internet became such an integral part of our lives. Using traditional phone and the space-age technological development that was the fax machine, BS Stainless grew quickly, building an impressive reputation internationally as well as here at home in the UK. The company supplied and continue to supply the most advanced products available on the market as well as developing unique, revolutionary and highly-influential products of their own, supplying major international projects with everything they require to be built and to continue functioning successfully.

Some of our customers required, on occasion, much smaller quantities of product than would normally be catered for by BS Stainless and so the company decided to launch a separate website to cater for them. BS Fixings was born and quickly established itself as a separate, individual company, with its own dedicated staff members, company profile and identity. As news of BS Fixings spread, more and more people flocked to the site to find out what all the fuss was about, inevitably leaving with a bag of nails or screws that they had forgotten they needed!

So, the little acorn BS Fixings grew into the giant oak you see before you today - we started by selling just a few products such as stainless steel banding and tying wire and now we have more than a thousand products on the website for you to choose from. This number is growing all the time as we create new professional links with other reputable companies in order to bring you the widest possible choice when you need stainless steel fastenings.