With Christmas time fast approaching, there is only one decoration that stands out from the rest, and that is fairy lights! No matter the setting, fairy lights are a great addition to any tree, shop display, fireplace, or building front; the list is endless. Even though they are a relatively simple decoration, they can make your premises twinkle and shine, and they make a great feature in the festive season. However, just like many other decorative items, fairy lights also need a type of fixing to hang them up on a wall. If you’re eager to put some fairy lights up or are struggling to keep yours in place, then we have the product for you!

The Command™ Transparent Decorating Clips will be your best friend this Christmas (and all year round if you want to hang other items!) Designed to create as minimal damage as possible, these discreet little clips are perfect for indoor installations, to hang fairy lights and seasonal decorations in any layout you would like.

Product Benefits

Easy Application

These decorating clips are incredibly easy to apply, as you do not need any other tools or fixings to adhere them to the desired surface. Each pack contains 20 clips and 24 easy-use mini adhesive strips, in which you simply stick the clip to the wall. They can be applied to a range of surfaces including painted walls, wood, tiles, and metal, offering you many fairy light design possibilities!

Strong Adhesive

As stated above, the clips are attached to a surface using mini adhesive strips, that are strong and long-lasting. They are manufactured with 3M stretch-release technology, which will hold up your decorations with ease. You only need to use one clip for every 30-60cm of lights, depending on their weight.


One great thing about this product is that it is damage-free! Your walls will have no marks, dents, or holes, even after you have finished using them. The 3M stretch-release technology means you can remove the clips in one swift, clean motion. Plus, despite them being sticky, there should be no residues left over after the removal process. Especially if you’re renting an office space or apartment, these are a fantastic product that will leave you and your landlord happy.

High-quality Finish

Both the clips and the adhesive strips are transparent, so they will blend in seamlessly with any interior décor. You do not need to worry about any eyesores with this fixing product.

How You Can Use Them

If you need some help with your fairy light displays, we have listed below some examples which we love.




Here at BS Fixings, fixing materials are our forte, and we stock a wide range of products for DIY, construction, and decorating! If you are interested in these Command clips or any of our other products, please feel free to browse our website or call 03330 117818 for more information.