Have you ever accidentally had a bit of tin foil come into contact with your dental fillings? It causes a sudden, deep and debilitating pain that is immediately relieved once the offending bit of foil is removed from the area. What is it that causes this reaction?

Just the thought of the sensation is enough to get any past victim shuddering with the memory — the shock leaves an indelible imprint on the memory. The reason behind the pain is the fact that two dissimilar metals have come into contact with one another, creating an electrical charge that the body registers as pain. To varying degrees, the same sort of reaction happens with any two dissimilar metals and, when it comes to the many structures, machines and components made using stainless steel, the problem can reach mammoth proportions.

At the less traumatic end of the scale, contact between dissimilar metals can cause staining which damages the immediate aesthetic value of the machine or structure. Even if this is not of particular concern, the next phase certainly is — galvanic corrosion. This insipid form of attack can weaken, damage and eventually cause the system to fail, potentially risking safety and certainly causing a financial headache and downtime. The solution is there all along — use stainless for stainless.

When working with stainless steel, you should wherever possible be using stainless steel tools to avoid the problems caused by the contact of dissimilar metals. This is particularly important when it comes to nut setters and drill bits — as always, BS Fixings are right here with what you need, when you need it.

Goebel is a company we have chosen to work with, part of a small and select group who we trust to uphold our own national and international reputations. Products from the company, which include the aforementioned stainless steel nut setters and drill bits (HSS CO-SPOT Drill Bit), are guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations as well as adhering rigidly to all relevant health, safety and quality specifications.

You, our loyal customers, are extremely important to us and you can rest assured that our trust in the quality of Goebel drill bits and nutsetters is implicit. This means you can order with confidence and avoid any problems caused by the contact between dissimilar metals, whatever your stainless steel project.

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