When it comes to DIY and construction projects, the right choice of material can make a huge difference to the end result, so it is important to know which materials work best with the task at hand. In this blog post, we are going to be delving into the world of clout nails – more specifically, galvanised and copper clout nails which we have available on our website.

Here at BS Fixings, we are a trusted supplier of construction and DIY products, and we know a lot about certain types of fixings and fastenings. With our knowledge and expertise, we have created this blog to clarify the difference between galvanised and copper clout nails, to help you choose the right one for your project.

What are Clout Nails?

Before we cover the differences, we are going to quickly recap what clout nails are. Characterised by their short shank and wide, flat head, clout nails are predominantly used for a variety of roofing tasks. Due to their design, clout nails successfully secure roofing materials such as felt, plasterboard, and thin sheets of metal into place. They are a roofing staple, as a result of their versatility and reliable hold. Additionally, many customers use clout nails for woodwork projects too, as they provide a strong hold and neat finish.

Galvanised Clout Nails

Galvanised clout nails are stainless steel nails that have been coated with a layer of zinc through a process called galvanisation. The primary purpose of this coating is to protect the nail from corrosion, making them an excellent choice for outdoor projects where they might be exposed to elements like rain, humidity, and varying temperatures.

Their durability and resistance make them perfect for roofing, guttering, and external cladding applications.

Copper Clout Nails

Made entirely from copper, these clout nails offer natural corrosion resistance. They are a fantastic choice if aesthetics are a priority, as they can develop a beautiful finish over time.

They are commonly used in roofing slates, tiles, or lead sheet installations due to their longevity. Especially for roof replacements where the slates might have become damaged, clout nails are an appropriate choice, as they are easier to remove and re-enter than galvanised types.

Choosing the Right Nail

When it comes to choosing between the two, the decision largely depends on the specifics of your project. If longevity, aesthetics, and a higher budget are your main concerns, then copper clout nails might be the better choice. If you require a more economical solution that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, galvanised clout nails might be the answer.

On our website, we offer a range of clout nails to suit any project, available in XL versions for more demanding roofing tasks. If you need some help choosing the right sort of nail, our team is always on hand to provide advice and recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

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