Unless you regularly go up a ladder to look inside your gutters, or you have experienced damp penetrating upstairs rooms, you probably haven’t given much thought to what goes on in your gutters or the problems that can originate from these simplest of building features. Failure to maintain your gutters or implement preventative solutions can leave you out of pocket and needing the services of an experienced building or roofing contractor to rectify what can become a much bigger problem.  

Many building problems can occur in your gutter; however, these problems could easily be prevented using the BS Fixings Gutter Guard. We have come across many problems over the years originating from gutters including overflowing water causing fasciae and soffits to rot, resulting in the need for them to be completely replaced. Gutters full of standing water are also heavy and add stress to soffits and fasciae, causing them to fail or collapse completely. 

Moss and Algae? Gutted

Water in gutters filled with organic matter, like leaves and twigs, will enable the rapid growth of moss and algae. A smelly and unsightly addition to the aesthetic of your home. It can also result in pest infestations. All sorts of insects and mosquitos are attracted to puddles of standing water in gutters and in warm weather. This causes your home to be infested with blood-sucking insects at night following a reproductive explosion. If the water in your gutter freezes, the gap between the roof and shingles can be widened. When it thaws, there is a perfect gap left for water to ingress the property. One of the most common causes of floods in cellars and basement conversions is pooled water that has run off from a clogged gutter rather than down into the drainage system.

The walls of a building are porous. This means that some of the water from an overflowing gutter that runs over them will be absorbed. This can penetrate right through to the interior of the property. In turn, this will damage decorative surfaces, compromise structural integrity, and provide an ideal habitat for mould growth. The run-off water will also leave marks on the outside of the building. If you have a white painted building, then you will soon notice the need to have the exterior repainted.

The BS Fixings gutter guard is designed to fit 4" standard gutters and is sold in packs of 10. Each guard is 4ft (1.2 meters) long and the guard is manufactured from 1/2" square mesh.

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