No More Nails can be simply applied either as a two-way contact or a one-way stick adhesive. In both instances, the first and probably most important task is to ensure that both surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry, and free of grease, oil, or dust before applying any of the No More Nails Adhesive. In addition, any loose or flaking paint must be removed and lightly sanded before application. Once sanded, make sure any final paint fragments or dust are removed.

Once the surface has been cleaned, you also need to make sure that the temperature of the surfaces you are looking to bond is not above 30°C and the adhesive should not be used where continued exposure to higher temperatures is likely to occur. If using outside, make sure that the surfaces are not in direct sunlight as this is likely to lift the temperature of the surface (especially if dark in colour) to above 30°C.

Once the surfaces are cleaned (and cooled if required), to one of the surfaces apply a 4-6mm bead of adhesive with a cartridge or extrusion gun, or similar type profiles with a notched trowel. Beads of adhesive should be no more than 45cm apart and butt joints should be adhered on both panel edges once the adhesive is applied, bring both surfaces together immediately.

For the two-way method, press down firmly over the whole surface to transfer the adhesive and then pull both surfaces apart. Allow to tack-off for 3-5 minutes and then reposition and press the two surfaces firmly together. The contact areas should then be tapped with a hammer (using a padded block to avoid damaging the surfaces) to make sure they are firmly together. Depending on the surface and air temperature, the weather conditions, and the surfaces to be bonded, maximum bond strength will take from 12-72 hours.

The one-way method is recommended for heavier panels. After applying the adhesive and bringing the surfaces together, they should be sufficiently clamped, nailed, or screwed in place so that a maximum surface contact is maintained. Mechanical fasteners should be retained if the two areas to be bonded are under strain, but temporary fastening can be released after a minimum of 24 hours once the adhesive has set.




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