Insulation materials in cladding and sheeting systems must be firmly secured into place, allowing them to function at an optimum level: this job is carried out by insulation pins (also referred to as insulation hangers). Installing these components isn't difficult but must be done accurately and so here we present a quick guide  that will allow you to achieve professional results every time.

  • As anyone involved with construction well knows, proper preparation is absolutely essential to ensure the correct end result. Insulation pins must strongly adhere to the surface they are placed on and, to ensure perfect adhesion, you must first clean the surface of any dirt or dust. Before moving to the next step, allow the area to dry fully
  • Insulation hangers with a perforated base require the application of an appropriate silicone adhesive, which should be applied with a putty knife; work on one hanger at a time. With self-adhesive insulation pins, carefully remove the backing paper and discard
  • Immediately after applying silicone adhesive/removing backing paper, press the base of the hanger firmly into place. A slight twisting motion will ensure the strongest hold. When using perforated base insulation hangers, the adhesive should protrude through the perforations, extending beyond the edges of the base
  • Depending on environmental conditions, the adhesive can take up to 72 hours to thoroughly dry
  • Once the adhesive has fully cured, the insulation material can be installed. Ensure that it is correctly aligned and is secure, using a self-locking washer (these are provided with each box of insulation hangers)
  • Snip off or bend down any protruding nails
  • The robust insulation pins will now ensure that the insulation material is firmly held in place

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