We have some great news for all our customers, we have a brand-new packaging option for one of our most sought-after products. Our high-performance stainless steel annular ring nails are now available in convenient 1kg bags, designed to make your shopping experience easier and your projects more efficient.

What Are Annular Ring Nails?

For those unfamiliar with these specialised fasteners, annular ring nails, also known as ring shank nails, are a type of nail designed with a series of rings or grooves along the shank. This design provides superior holding power compared to standard nails, making them ideal for tasks requiring extra security and strength. Manufactured from premium stainless steel, these nails resist rust and corrosion, ensuring a durable and long-lasting hold in all weather conditions.

New 1kg Bags - More Convenience, Less Waste

With our new 1kg bags, you can now purchase the exact quantity of nails needed for smaller projects or for those times when you simply need a few more nails without the commitment to larger, bulkier packages. These bags are not only easier to handle and store but also help in reducing waste, as you buy only what you need. Instead of purchasing multiple bags, you might now only require one!

Perfect for a Range of Projects

Our stainless steel annular ring nails are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. They are particularly effective in:

  • Woodworking and carpentry projects
  • Outdoor constructions such as decking and fencing
  • Securing roofing felt and other roofing materials
  • DIY home improvement tasks

Their grip strength makes them an ideal choice for ensuring that whatever you build, repair, or install remains secure and intact.

Purchase Here Today!

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