Stainless steel is a common material chosen for things such as appliances, sinks, taps, and more. It naturally has high levels of strength and durability, however, one thing it cannot do is keep itself looking clean and brilliant.


To match its corrosion-resistance, heat-resistant and durable nature, stainless steel has a sleek, professional look to it which is why it is used so much. While being a great, versatile material with a multitude of different uses, it is not resistant to the aging process, so it requires a bit of maintenance to keep it looking gleaming. Do not fret though! It is relatively easy to get it back gleaming again and we are here to show you!


Things you need

  • Olive oil
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dish detergent
  • Flour (Optional)
  • Stainless steel polish (Optional)
  • Handheld power buffer (Optional)


The method

First, it is vital before we start doing any type of polishing that the stainless steel is clean. Using a bit of dish detergent, warm water, and a sponge, gently wipe over the stainless steel, removing any muck or debris so that it is smooth and clean. Once the area is clean, rinse with fresh water and pat until it is dry.

Next, grab your olive oil. Pour a couple of drops onto your microfiber cloth (more if you are working with a bigger surface) and use the cloth to spread a little layer over the entire stainless steel surface that is being polished.

After that, use the cloth to buff it out, using a decent amount of weight in circular motions. Do this until it is smoother than it was at the start.

When this is complete, go over the whole of the surface once more but with a clean and dry cloth this time around. Be vigilant of excess oil you may leave; it is important all of this gets wiped up as if it gets left it will promote dulling in the steel. If you feel like the job is complete, well done! You have just cleaned your stainless steel surface! However, if you feel like it could do with some more attention, keep reading!

If just olive oil did not do enough for your surface, then there is always the option of trying flour! Again, just put a light layer over your stainless steel and then buff with a dry cloth; this should do the job. If it doesn’t then it may be time to bring in a tool-assisted fix.

A handheld power buffer being used in tandem with a commercial stainless steel polish may now be your best bet to get your stainless steel back gleaming. It is important to note that you may want to get slightly more abrasive, so choose a pad accordingly. Attach the brusher and pad then apply your polish according to the manufacturer’s advice. A vital tip to consider is that you will want to buff ALL of your stainless steel surfaces for a quality finish.


Well, that’s all the steps you need to get your stainless steel surfaces gleaming! If you enjoyed reading this article, we invite you to check out our website, we stock a whole range of different stainless steel products that you may be interested in!