This week's BS Fixings news article introduced HT30 High Temperature Silicone, a specialist silicone sealant from leading brand Bond-It that is now available to purchase from BS Fixings. In this edition of our blog, we present a guide on how to get the best results when using HT30 High Temperature Silicone.

HT30 High Temperature Silicone can be successfully applied to a number of materials, including ceramic, polyester, enamel, glass and epoxy paint. If a suitable primer is first applied, the product can also be used with metals, ABS, polyamides and polyester in humid heat or immersion.< /p>

  1. First prepare all joints and/or surfaces by ensuring that they are clean and dry, free from any contaminants such as grease, oil or dust, all of which will hinder proper adhesion. If primer is required as detailed above, apply this in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Place the tube of HT30 High Temperature Silicone into a sealant gun and cut the nozzle open at an angle of 45°: the opening should be slightly larger than the joint to be sealed.
  3. Apply the formula to one of the two parts that is to be assembled. Note that the sealant begins to cure immediately on contact with atmospheric humidity: after three to five minutes of exposure to the air, it will no longer be possible to rework the product.
  4. Bring the two parts together.
  5. Avoid any contamination or mechanical pressure of the sealant before the skinning process has completed. If necessary, cover the sealant to protect it.
  6. To accelerate the curing process, temperature can be increased to a maximum of 150°C (dry heat).
  7. Dispose of used containers in a responsible manner, in accordance with local regulations.
The following limitations of HT30 High Temperature Silicone should be noted:
  • HT30 can cause staining around joints of particularly absorbent surfaces such as marble and sandstone if these are not carefully treated with a suitable primer
  • HT30 is not suitable for aquarium-building applications.
  • Once cured, HT30 cannot be over-painted and so any substrate that will subsequently require painting must be kept free of the sealant

For full technical details about Bond-It HT30 High Temperature Silicone, download the data sheet from the product page. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with our expert team.