Stainless steel is our business and so, you won’t be surprised that our website is absolutely full of the stuff in all its forms, from tying wire and roofing products to screws, nails and toggles. One of the newest products added to our website is NOT - shock! Horror! - made from stainless steel… can you guess what it is?

Although it isn't fabricated from everyone’s favourite metal, the new product is of course directly related to it - we wouldn’t be BS Fixings if it wasn’t! Joining our large, diverse and ever-growing product portfolio is an extremely effective Stainless Steel Cleaner, developed and manufactured by world-leading multinational conglomerate 3M. The company’s distinctive logo is familiar all around the world and, when you check out the figures below, it isn't difficult to see why…

3M by Numbers

  • 3M was formerly known as the tongue-twisting Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, under which name it traded from 1902-2002. Someone saw sense and the much more aurally-pleasing 3M came into existence

  • The company average a cool $30bn in sales each year, making them one of the richest, most profitable companies around

  • More than 88,000 people are employed by 3M in its many sectors, from research, development and testing to engineering, manufacturing and sales

  • These employees are located in more than 65 countries globally, each an integral part of helping to drive the world economy

  • We like to boast about our huge product portfolio but have to bow to the big guys here - 3M produce more than 55,000 different items in categories as wildly different as car shampoo and orthodontic appliances - these products are available to purchase in more than 180 of the world’s 196 countries

Keeping stainless steel clean is important to protect both its aesthetic value and physical performance. 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner makes the job simple - a single operation and you’re done, with no greasy film left to deal with either. You can use it on aluminium and chrome as well as stainless steel for the shiniest results, bringing a wide range of metal components back to their original high level of appeal.

600ml can, 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner is available NOW from BS Fixings so order today and enjoy a brighter tomorrow!