Doors are subject to a constant barrage of pushing hands and kicking feet, particularly when they are located in high-traffic areas. This rough treatment quickly leads to dirty marks and soon begins to damage the door's coating, resulting in wear and tear that first destroys aesthetic appeal and, if left unchecked, leaves the door unusable.

One extremely effective way to protect doors from this damaging wear and tear is to attach door plates in the places where the most damage is usually done: at hand and foot level. BS Fixings supply kick and push plates made using tough stainless steel, which protects the door's most vulnerable areas and extends its service life. Aesthetics are not only maintained when stainless steel kick and push plates are used: they are improved.

Kick and push door plates from BS Fixings are:

  • Manufactured in the UK. BS Fixings are proud supported of British Manufacturing
  • Available in a number of different sizes to suit any door
  • Just 1.2mm thick meaning that, once attached, the plate barely just protrudes from toe door's surface, giving a sleek and elegant visual
  • Made from quality stainless steel of Grade 430. Strong, robust and light, the metal has the perfect combination of qualities to deliver the necessary protection
  • Easy to install. Just use the two stainless steel countersunk screws provided to attach the plate directly to the door
  • Low maintenance. All the plates need is wiping with a cloth and they will instantly look as shiny and good as new. Periodically, check the screws are tight and you'll enjoy years of door protection

The design of the stainless steel kick plates supplied by BS Fixings has recently been enhanced. This product now features six screw holes and, unlike the push plates, no longer has curved-off edges.

Discover more about stainless steel kick and push plates on our website, where you'll also find information about ordering these products in bespoke sizes.