What is a Nail Plate?

A nail plate or connecter plate is a type of structural fixing that is particularly useful for joining timber together, to reinforce and support the joints for non-structural applications. It is a flat piece of stainless steel that has been designed with uniform, pre-punched nail/drill holes. These holes offer a simple and easy installation, as the precise placement of the drill holes ensures the fixings are placed in the right position for maximum strength.

What are They Used for?

Nail plates are predominantly used to strengthen the joints of timber members, placed along the line where they meet, to support the weaker points. A plate should be installed at each side of the timber joint, to further enhance its stability.

Generally, nail plates are made out of galvanised steel, for long-term durability and excellent protection against corrosion. The Galvanised Nail Plates we stock here at BS Fixings are one of our most popular products, available in an array of sizes to fulfil a range of applications including jointing, repairs, and post-to-beam connection.

An industry that benefits the most from using nail plates is the construction and building industry, as they have become an incredibly handy fixing for the on-site assembly of roof trusses. The perforated plate helps to mend large structures of wood together, producing a flush finish to ensure high-quality results.

As the steel plate is relatively thick, it can also be utilised to protect other components within the structure that is being built. For example, if there are any pipes or wires that run near the joints or surface of the wood, nail plates can be installed for extra protection.

Benefits of Nail Plates

  1. For building projects or DIY tasks with limited budgets, nail plates are a cost-effective solution for strengthening structural joints (as a bonus, our Galvanised Nail Plates are currently on offer, with 10% off!).
  2. The pre-punched holes are designed with a dimple effect, which helps to improve the rigidity of the product.
  3. Nail plates can be used on a variety of materials, including solid wood, composite timber, glued-laminated wood, trusses, and more.
  4. As the nail plates are manufactured out of galvanised steel, they are flexible and malleable. This characteristic allows the end-user to bend the plate easily, to conform to a range of structures with different angles and dimensions.
  5. The holes are designed for both hand nailing and automatic drilling, which means they can be utilised for multiple purposes.
  6. They are useful for professional construction workers and beginners looking to complete a DIY task, making them great for both small and large projects.

Here at BS Fixings, we are experts in the fixing and steel industry, stocking an extensive range of products for construction, DIY, and decorating projects. Our nail plates are of the highest quality, to ensure you achieve fantastic results. Whether you’re looking to complete a large or small job, our Galvanised Nail Plates can be purchased in boxes of 100, 200, or 250 units, which are available on our website. If you require further information about nail plates or any of our other products, please feel free to contact our team on 03330 117818 or email info@bsfixings.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help!