Due to its exceptional aesthetic appeal combined with an easy, versatile workability unmatched by other metals, stainless steel is a regular feature in the creation of artistic works. A new such work is due to be complete in Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

A flash new complex of executive condominiums in Downtown Calgary is the setting for this latest example of stainless steel being used in artistic design. Artist Tobias Luttmer has chosen to use the metal to create an imposing, eye-catching and frankly breathtaking sculpture of a tree which, when finally completed, will stand a whopping 13ft tall and become an immediate landmark in the local area.

Sharing his creative and also practical process, Luttmer has filmed and posted video of him working on the project, before posting the footage on popular tube site Vimeo. The video is attracting lots of interested attention as the sculpture takes on its final form. He also spoke to local news about the stainless steel tree.

“I’ve been… feeling my way through it as I’ve been doing it,” said Tobias, whose other work includes a wide selection of figurines sculpted using various materials. He has enjoyed using stainless steel to build his latest artistic endeavour, and has noticed: “very interesting things with texture and heat and the reaction between the metal and the torch”.

Two of Luttmer’s signature figurines have been utilised  to complement his new tree sculpture - a carefully-rendered owl and a raven nestle comfortably together in the metal branches to add an exciting finishing touch. 

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